Introducing "The Science of Personality"

People are the most dangerous and consequential force on Earth. Shouldn’t we know something about them?
Personality is a powerful predictor of human behavior – it describes how we learn, work and lead, who we love, what kind of company we keep, and how other people see us. But although the study of personality is centuries old, our ability to understand and control personality is relatively new.
Coming October 14, “The Science of Personality” is a feature-length documentary that brings together the foremost minds in personality psychology and the business world to explore human personality and how it impacts our lives and the lives of those around us.

Are you a workaholic? Read the result of our survey!

Are you a workaholic? We can approach this question through positive and negative means.

Without doubt technology has changed our lives and even the way we work. It is possible for us to be in touch with our colleagues 24 hours a day from any part of the world and with just a small amount of effort – just a reach to the table to find our mobile phone or laptop and we can access to unending amount of information.

From a point of view it is a great opportunity as the extended possibilities to encounter and to connect make the work be faster and more efficient, although from another point of view it results a longer day at work.

How can we identify that who are (or will be) good leaders?

How exactly? For example by conducting tests.

Leadership competence is an inexhaustible research theme. The results of these researches are endlessly suggesting us, what, when and how we should consider and measure when we are searching for good leaders.

Indexes, challenges, situations and many other indicators and measures exist and – taking all of them into account – it is hardly possible to believe that there is one perfect leadership profile.